How To Simplify Your Businesses Recruitment Process

A proven SaaS platform for businesses who want to experience;

Job Ad Distribution
Applicant Tracking
New Hire Onboarding
An All-In-One System

Businesses Love Workconex.

Here's Why


It's Easy

Count on an uptime of 40% each week! We take an old, slow, out of date process and completely redefine in into an all-in-one platform. No longer do you need to live in spreadsheets, loose emails and rely on just one source of applicants. One place to manage the entire process!


It's Convenient

Candidate applications at your fingertips. Never miss an applicant and never have to print a CV again! Respond to applicants faster than ever via SMS on mobile or bulk email on desktop.

For us, Workconex has been a complete game changer!

Yasamin Habibpour, HR Coordinator

Ramsgate RSL


It's Collaborative

Multiple seats or users in the platform allow stakeholders to contribute in various ways, at various different stages in the process, all towards the same hiring project.


It's Informative

Our pre-built reports help you track and analyse your company's hiring data. Understand what's going on at an operational level, including data on your hiring process and user activity.

Simple, cost effective way to find & manage talent.

Brad Lord, Director

Ray White Commercial GSS

It's Recruitment Redefined.

Empowering you to simplify you're hiring process.


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