A few tips on hiring the best potential employees

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

When hiring employees for your small business, there are many factors to think about. From deciding whether to use job recruitment agencies to hiring experienced employees or training entry level candidates who are looking for employment opportunities, you have plenty to consider.

Job recruitment agencies

Choosing whether or not to use job recruitment agencies will be one of the first decisions you make in the hiring process.

Though they cost money to use, a job search agency can provide expertise that your HR staff may not. They can also save you time by sifting through hundreds of applications and present a final shortlist to choose from.

Another option with recruitment companies is taking staff on a temporary basis first. No matter how thorough your interview process is, only time will tell how an employee will really work out. This is just as true from the employee’s perspective as it is yours. Before taking your job, they may have been presented with many other employment opportunities and they could have reservations about whether this is the right fit for them. If you’re unsure, why not try them out on a trial basis and make it a permanent fixture further down the track?

Experienced or entry level?

Your next decision should be whether to hire an experienced person or train up an entry level candidate. To help make this decision you should first consider your budget. What kind of salary can you offer your employee and does this suit an experienced or entry level candidate?

You should then think about whether or not you have the ability and infrastructure to train an entry level staff member? Remember, this takes time and patience!

Finally, you should consider what development opportunities you can offer your employees. An entry level candidate is likely to want to move up the ladder to a more senior role after a certain period of time, as is an experienced candidate. Consider what you can realistically offer them further down the track.

Culture fit

Before you even start recruiting, take some time to evaluate the type of company you are, the dynamics of your team and really think about what type of person would fit in. This will help you throughout the recruitment process from sifting through applications to interviewing your shortlist. Remember that experience and qualifications are only half the battle when it comes to finding the right employee.