Connect with the Passive Candidates You Need.

Your ideal candidates aren't always going to be actively searching for jobs. Many will be passive candidates, who are more difficult to source and engage than active candidates. Passive candidates won't come to you. You have to search out and contact the top candidates who are already employed and content in their roles to let them know about your opportunities, and make it attractive for them to consider your opportunities.

Here are four ways to connect with the passive candidates you need:

Let Your Employer Brand Speak to Passive Candidate

Passive candidates aren't actively looking at companies in an active job search, so a strong and attractive employer brand is important. Make sure candidates see your company on social media. Make sure it's easy to find your website and your company's "story" or information about company culture. Make sure information about your company's work environment and opportunities is online in as many places as possible.

Follow Passive Candidates' Online Trails

The top passive candidates are active online in forums and posts, writing white papers, reviews, and blogs in their industry. Find out where the passive candidates you need spend their time online so you can see their professionalism, areas of expertise, communication skills, and knowledge. Spend time in venues where high performers are and contact them with questions or praise about their postings, then keep in touch so when you need someone with their skills and abilities, you already have developed a relationship.

Use " Apply with LinkedIn"

Don't lose candidates with a cumbersome online application process. The "Apply with your LinkedIn" button should be in your applicant tracking system, so you can take advantage of an easy way to engage passive candidates. Social recruiting is very important to attracting passive candidates, and an easy application process is vital to capturing passive candidate interest.

The "Apply with your LinkedIn" button eliminates candidate frustration from the application process and enables passive candidates to quickly and easily express interest in your openings.

Incorporate Video Interviews

Offering a video interview process saves you time and money in recruiting and gives candidates a way to present their skills and experience without having to travel away from a current position or spend money to do so. It allows candidates to prepare as much as they want, erase and start again, or read from a script, giving them more control in the interview.

Go out and find your ideal candidates and make it easy for them to connect you're your company today.