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Workconex plays well with mates

Select all your favourite tools you use daily and seamlessly integrate with Workconex to collaborate in one place.

Attract the talent with a perfect job ad

Haven't got the creative spark to write an ad that attracts, we got you covered. Choose from hundreds of templates that work.

Review, shortlist & screen talent faster

No more printing and sifting through resumes. Drag n' drop applicant profiles through the hiring process and land talent quicker.

Collaborate with your team on decisions

It's hard making decisions that will effect your business. Collaborate with your team to decide on candidate applications.

You've found your superstar, make an offer

You've finally gone through the process and found your next superstar, select an offer template, edit & seamlessly send.

Place your new hire straight into payroll

With our easy to use on-boarding tool, you can simply get all the employee details and feed straight into your payroll system. 

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