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What is the Workconex Recruitment Management System (RMS)?

Workconex Recruitment Management Systems (RMS) is a type of software that organises, tracks, and sorts job applicants. Features include hiring workflows, job postings, candidate profiles, applicant scoring and analytical insights.

Benefits of Workconex RMS Software

The Workconex RMS software provides businesses with a number of benefits over other traditional inefficient recruitment methods, including:

  • Customised recruitment processes as no two companies evaluate and hire employees the same way. With the Workconex RMS system, you can customise the hiring workflow for your business to standardise and streamline the steps in your recruiting process, including interview scheduling, resume parsing, and the application process. Task lists, shared calendars and automated alerts ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Automated job posting. The Workconex RMS platform allow users to post new job openings to their company careers page, social media accounts and popular job boards like Indeed, Seek, Careerone and LinkedIn to be seen by interested job seekers. The ability to reuse job posting templates and schedule posts in advance can save users valuable time.

  • Candidate data management. As applicants from various sources submit their resumes to be considered for positions, the Workconex RMS software can automatically import them into a secure database for safekeeping. Comprehensive candidate profiles are created, searched through and filtered by a number of criteria (e.g., location, role, skills) to easily hone in on what you're looking for.

  • Applicant scoring within the Workconex RMS software provides a centralised hub where hiring managers and more can collaborate on evaluating job applicants. Standardised rubrics ensure everyone uses the same criteria for every candidate. 

  • Recruiting analytics and reporting in the RMS identifies where candidates are falling out in your recruiting process? Which online source sends your company the best job candidates? Embedded recruiting analytics in the Workconex RMS system can answer these questions and highlight areas where your business can improve and also generate reports to keep stakeholders up-to-date.


For us, Workconex has been a complete game changer!

Yasamin Habibpour, HR Coordinator

Ramsgate RSL

Competitive Advantages of Using Workconex RMS Software

Every business needs an edge over competitors and when it comes to finding, attracting, evaluating and hiring the best workers, the Workconex RMS software can give you that edge by helping you:

  • Hire people faster. A 2016 study by employment insight firm DHI Group found the average job vacancy is 29.2 days. The longer it takes for you to find and hire a qualified candidate, the longer it will take for them to become a productive employee. The Workconex RMS software can help you identify bottlenecks in your hiring workflow to reduce the time it takes to fill your current openings.

  • Lower cost per hire. It's not always easy to understand where your recruiting spend isn't providing the best return without the proper software to assess the numbers. Using historical information and analytical reports within the Workconex RMS, you can better streamline your hiring process and identify new areas for optimisation to lower recruiting costs.

  • Identify top talent. Sometimes the unlikeliest of traits can predict employee success. With Workconex RMS software, you and your team can consistently evaluate and rank applicants to find the best candidates. After someone's hired, you can look at their performance metrics to better understand what applicant qualities are most likely to translate to specific roles within your business.

  • Scale your business. You can make it work by keeping track of applicants with manual methods such as pen and paper or spreadsheets when you're really small or in the middle of a hiring drought, but that won't always be the case. Investing early is wise because RMS software is a vital component to growing and optimising your business.


Simple, cost effective way to find & manage talent.

Brad Lord, Director

Ray White Commercial GSS

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