We get it, hiring people for your business is hard.

Without the right tools it can be expensive and hurt your business long term.

What it can cost when you get it wrong

Source: HR.com

Hundreds of Aussie businesses mange their hiring with workconex

Let's look at why

Our platform has opened our customers to an entirely new way to hire staff and eliminate the pain, once associated, with hiring.

Our customers say workconex has helped them cut their hiring costs dramatically

"Workconex has helped us reduce our hiring costs by 85% and allowed me to gain back 40% more time each week to focus on neglected aspects of my role"

Yasamin Habibpour  |  HR Manager

Our customers say workconex has opened their eyes to a whole new way of hiring

"Since we engaged with Workconex we have seen a strategic shift in our approach to staffing that allowed us to rethink the way we tackle recruitment"

Scott Darke |  Managing Director

Our customers say workconex helps them connect with talent faster

"We wanted a tool that allowed us to stay on top of candidate applications and have the ability to connect with them as fast as possible"

Darren Ettridge |  Director

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